Redwood Memorial Cemetery & Mortuary
        6500 South Redwood Road
          West Jordan, UT 84123
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Redwood Memorial Cemetery and Mortuary is conveniently located in the center of the Salt Lake Valley. In addition to traditional burial plots, our outdoor Mausoleum offers a beautiful alternative to under-ground burial. A trellis with flowing ivy covers a walkway of remembrance that travels along a small stream. Two niche boulders offer a final resting place for cremated remains. With granite benches and landscaped gardens, the boulder niche area is a comforting outdoor retreat for families to reflect.

Luxurious family plots can be found across the trellis path. Each estate has its own source of power and water making these plots ideal for families who wish to decorate for holidays or personally trim and manicure their plots. This is the only place in the cemetery where upright markers are permitted.

Redwood is committed to serving the community and reflecting diversity. We are pleased to offer sections of the cemetery dedicated solely to specific religious and ethnic groups. It is our wish to meet all of your needs by making every possible option available.