Pet Memorial Garden

Cottonwood Canyons Pet Memorial Garden
At Mountain View Cemetery
3115 East 7800 South
Cottonwood Heights, Utah
(801) 943-0375 (by appointment only)

Cottonwood Canyons Memorial Pet Garden Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm Sunday: Closed

Because they’re part of the family.

At Memorial, we are just like you; our families include our animal companions. They are our special friends who have loyally waited for us to return home from work, tails wagging at the sound of our car; who have curled up on a ball on our chests to take a nap with us on a weekend afternoon; who have chirped excitedly waiting to jump on our finger and have their feathers stroked — they have a special place in our hearts too. That is why we created a place to memorialize those special family members.

Think of the years of devotion your pet has given you. Why not commemorate a life of devotion with a space of remembrance? In Cottonwood Canyons Pet Memorial Garden, we have created an honorable resting place that respects and cares for our animal family members.

The union between the reverence for the nature’s splendor and the respect for our beloved animals is what makes Mountain View Cemetery the perfect home of Cottonwood Canyons Pet Memorial Garden. Nestled near the Cottonwood Canyons, Mountain View Cemetery offers a professionally landscaped area with unique features such as a waterfall, ponds, and streams. This is the perfect place for a pet.

Our caring, supportive staff will help you and your family through this grieving process with dignity. We will help guide you in choosing a way to best memorialize your cherished pet. Until now there just were not many choices available when a beloved pet dies. Our pet cemetery allows you to honor the love your pet has given all their life.